Step-3 Design & Build

Now, it’s time to have fun customizing your home with the finishes that make it truly unique — one that fits your personality and lifestyle. Our design specialist will walk you through finishes that match your style preferences and help you choose your cabinets, flooring, fixtures, countertops and wall colors.

At Zaremba, we offer a baseline of finishes so customers are not overwhelmed, but we give you the power to customize your home with many available upgrade options. Or, you can feel free to bring in your magazine clippings, photos and design ideas and our creative, expert team will make your dream a reality.

Then, watch as your home grows from the ground up. We invite you and your family to stop by the construction site every step of the way. Bring your camera and be sure to stay in contact with your site superintendent. Typically, a build takes four months.

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